Staying Busy

Today is my designated downstairs day, so I’ll let you know what I’m doing to keep myself busy. First though, Wednesday is going to be a big day for me. At 8:15 I’ll be getting my first vaccination and then at 10 I have an appointment with an orthopedist to see if my knee canContinue reading “Staying Busy”

And So It Goes

No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. I’m just trying to deal with 2021 which seems way too much like 2020. So much for a better year ahead. When last we were together I was complaining about the weather and politics and such. Now I’m back to complain about the weather andContinue reading “And So It Goes”

The Solstice

Today is my favorite day, the Winter Solstice. It’s an end to the darkness and brings promise of light. It’s exactly what we need after the dark days of 2020. Here is my wish for all of you. May you find peace in the promise of the solstice night. That each day forward is blessedContinue reading “The Solstice”


We’ve been taking our animals to the same vet for22 years now. They have jumped into action for emergencies, been patient with us during annual checkups, welcomed new puppies and cried with us when saying goodbyes. We’ve become friends and partners in caring for our pets. 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone andContinue reading “Thankful”

Dating Disasters

Let’s face it, dating can be nerve wracking. We’ve all had the date from hell. Looking back years later it’s easier to laugh. I know you’ve all been there even if you won’t admit it. I’ll go first. When I was about 20 a friend dared me to try a computer date. Now remember, backContinue reading “Dating Disasters”

Turf Wars

Rocket J visits every evening to get his dinner. The normal menu is dog kibble and bird seed but occasionally he gets lucky and finds some table scraps in his feeder. But Hoover realized pretty quickly that Rocket was getting the good stuff and leaving mostly seeds for him. So Hoover started dropping by earlierContinue reading “Turf Wars”


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