And So It Goes

No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. I’m just trying to deal with 2021 which seems way too much like 2020. So much for a better year ahead. When last we were together I was complaining about the weather and politics and such. Now I’m back to complain about the weather and politics and other aggravating topics. So here goes.

It’s freaking cold here. I’m used to cold and snow, I lived most of my life in Central New York where snow was invented. But Missouri only gets a trace of snow every third year and we already had that in January. This miserable year we’ve had 13 consecutive days below freezing. Wednesday night it was -9 degrees and the high got all the way to 3. Add to that around ten inches of snow. OK, I could actually deal with all that but here’s the kicker. Missouri gets much of it’s power from…. you guessed it, Texas!

Now Texas is a total mess in more ways than I care to think about, but this week it’s the deep freeze of the nation and because they have a little energy problem, so do we. We’ve been experiencing rolling blackouts. Those are lots of fun. They happen unexpectedly so you always wonder when you start anything if you’ll suddenly be sitting in the dark reaching for the nearest blanket. It’s amazing how fast the indoor temperature can drop when it’s -9 outside. Mackey and Sydney both crawl under their blankets to sleep.

Yesterday, for entertainment we watched the Fedex truck being towed up the hill. He came down to turn around in our driveway and couldn’t get back up the hill. Ten minutes after he was towed away the mail truck got stuck in the same place. They get added to the list. We’ve had UPS, the utility company, a moving van and a snowplow all stuck in our driveway at various times. All had to be towed.

Now just to show you how pissed off Mother Nature is, our forecast for Tuesday is mid 60s. We can actually go from 0 to 60 in one day.

Ok, tired of hearing about the weather? Let’s talk about Covid vaccinations. That’s always a fun topic. I’ve signed both of us up on every list I can find. Rob was notified at the beginning of the week that he had an appointment for his first vaccination on Friday. Then on Thursday they called and said it was postponed till Monday. Then last night they called and now it’s postponed till next Friday. Anyone care to bet on whether it will be changed again?

I’m still waiting to be scheduled. Last post I mentioned that I’ve delayed gallstone surgery till I have my first vaccination. It’s only been since November. But one afternoon in January I was happily knitting on the couch. I stood up to get something and got a flash of pain across the back of my knee. To make a long story short I had xrays that showed nothing and an MRI that showed a torn meniscus. I’ve been on crutches part time and mostly resting and icing my knee. I’ll be seeing an orthopedist next week. 2021 definitely doesn’t like me.

On the brighter side, I had a birthday and Rob asked what I wanted. Without hesitation I told him I wanted a flamingo. A flamingo family took up residence on the porch but due to the chilly weather I had to make them scarves.

Being restricted to the couch most of the time I’ve done some knitting.

Today I think I’ll start a new cross stitch. I’ve been reading a lot and when I get bored I hobble into the kitchen to work on the world’s hardest jigsaw puzzle. I’ll take a picture if I ever finish it.

Mackey is limping along with me. Hers is caused by too much jumping but as hard as I try to explain it to her, she continues to jump onto and off the furniture.

Syd is spending most of her time in the den and each evening she and Rob sit down to watch a movie. They like action movies so I stay upstairs and watch calmer things like politics and riots etc.

So we’re still here but the computer is in the basement and I only allow myself to go up and down stairs once every couple days, I haven’t been very good about keeping up with my blogging. Things have to get better, don’t they?

4 thoughts on “And So It Goes

  1. Sigh, wishing so much for better days tor you. We had the cold here too and a few rolling blackouts, but not as much snow. Our son in Texas has not had a good week at all. We are so sorry about your knee and the vaccination dilemma. We had our cancelled once too, but thankfully we got our first yesterday. Now we understand why we didn’t hear from you after our note to you about Jo.


  2. I am sorry 2021 has been so hard. Massachusetts has a much better vaccine distribution system. I got an appointment last night and 12 hours later I was getting my shot. It is too bad it is up to the states. I am praying with the warm weather comes better luck.


  3. Aaah, yes: the years that will fill our journals! LIke you, on multiple “lists”, with delays/cancels & more … but finally, a “real” call, and now awaiting dose #2. It will happen, do not give up! We wish you warmth and sun, it can’t be far away, right? It’s been an odd winter here (Maryland) but nothing to complain about as we pray for friends throughout the midwest and elsewhere … as you heal (quickly, please) … your little knitty-critters are adorable!
    All the best will lay ahead … purrhaps.
    JUNE and Ann


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