We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Well, here it is Christmas Eve and it wouldn’t be the day before Christmas without an emergency trip to the vet. This morning Miss Norma Jean made a holiday visit to Dr B due to frequent vomiting. I’ve been treating her for a couple weeks but yesterday I called in frustration and he told me to bring her in this morning.

Norma Jean has a lot going on. First she’s 14 years old. She has paralysis in one half of her face. He says she feels nothing on that side and the eye and ear on that side don’t work either. We don’t know what caused the condition but she’s been living with it for a couple years. Next she has a lung disorder for which she takes prednisone every other day. Next she has leukemia and she also has probable liver disease.

The doc checked her tummy and she exhibits no pain so we’re going to try a few things to figure out the vomit mystery. She’s going off the pred for five days, then we’ll start it up again to see if it’s causing the problem. Two other possibilities are pancreatitis or acid reflux. We’ve dealt with both before. Sebastian was on a special diet for pancreatitis and Bentley had acid reflux. So the next couple weeks will be trial and error to see what helps and what makes things worse. She received an injection of Cerenia and came home with some Cerenia tablets for the next couple weeks. Meanwhile I have to spoon feed her five small meals daily because her facial paralysis makes it difficult for her to eat by herself.

It is Christmas, however, whether it feels like it or not so we made some cookies for the kids across the street.

The Christmas cactus is in full bloom and has been for a couple months.

And this fellow is hanging around the kitchen to remind us that it’s the holidays and to wear our masks.

So Merry Christmas from all of us; Sydney


Norma Jean

Rocket J and Crash


The Shark

and Dustbuster

So that’s my holiday, how’s yours?

3 thoughts on “We Wish You A Merry Christmas

  1. Oh noes! Oh Norma Jean, I hopes you gets to feelin’ better my furiend. Ma says you are one tough Portie! You knows us ‘old gals’ have to stick togethers, right? Sendin’ lots of POTP and healin’ vibes and AireZens your way gurl!
    Those COOKIES!!!!! COOKIES!!!!!! Okays, I kinda lost my mind…..did I see sugar sprinkles??!! OH YES! Nows, Ma says I can’t eats them for a few weeks, butts if you gurls could snag me a few and save them for me……
    Oh, that Bear is PAWSOME! And that mask is adorables!
    You guys have a Very Merry Christmas!!! Stay safe, and have a Christmas margarita, k? 😆
    Ruby ♥


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