A Holiday For The Rest Of Us

Happy Festivus, everyone!

Today we’ll gather around our Festivus pole in the back yard, or maybe not. It’s raining and windy and the temperature is dropping out of the 60s into the 20s. So maybe we’ll just look at the pole thru the window while sipping a warm drink.

I won’t burden you with my list of grievances since my list this year is rather long and I’m pretty sure you have most of the same ones.

But anyway, have a comfortable and SAFE day today and every day during this strange holiday season.

4 thoughts on “A Holiday For The Rest Of Us

  1. You all might get blown all the way to OP with the winds today. Mom says she can’t risk taking us out to walk for fear we might end up in Never Never Land. Happy Festivus and Merry Christmas.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber


  2. Oh, nows that’s about where Ma says…..yeah, that’s COLD! BOL!! The Festivus Pole just made Ma smile! She loved that episode! BOL! I thinks maybe sippin’ a hot toddy from the window will be your best bet!!
    I hopes you guys have a most FABulous Festivus, and soon we will be able to put this dumpster fire of a year in our rear view…..
    Ruby ♥


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