We’ve been taking our animals to the same vet for22 years now. They have jumped into action for emergencies, been patient with us during annual checkups, welcomed new puppies and cried with us when saying goodbyes. We’ve become friends and partners in caring for our pets.

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone and our vet visits have changed. But Dr B and all the staff are still as caring, helpful and responsive as ever.

When Norma Jean went in for a follow up blood test recently I decided that the crew needed to be shown that we appreciate all they do for us. So I got to work with my sticks and strings and made them some gifts.

All wearing their masks, of course!

Here they are:

A spaniel
A Hippo
A Raccoon
A Piggy
A Duck
A Kitten
A Hound dog
A Fox
A Bear
A Bunny
A Big Bear for the Big Guy

Our clinic is called All Creatures, so I made each a different creature. I put them all in a big box together, carried them in when I went to look at Norma Jean’s xray, set the box on an exam table and told everyone to choose their own animal. They went fast and when I left everyone was smiling. Dr B was even standing there hugging his bear.

It’s nice to take some time to let people know that they are appreciated, especially during these trying days.

5 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Hi! Ojo here! Those are amazing! We too are very thankful for our Vet, she has been Very Amazing this year. But my person doesn’t have the talent to make things like that! Those are incredible!


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